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Cause being able to post here and have it go to facebook too reduces the repeat steps and headache. Now if only I could read my friends list as part of Facebook too, as that's usually more in depth and though provoking than all the "likes" posts.
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Just a reminder, single people under age 51 who made less than 57k a year can use one of the free e-file software links below from the website.
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But afterwards, I had friends who introduced me to teh awesome that is Deadpool.

A super hero who can see his own bubble of thought/text, and knows he's a comic... and LOVES It.

On Youtube, look up "I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC." for more fun, but also, he's an example below, thanks to Oz ;-)

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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

You've had some headaches of late, thought I'd give you an awwww and a lol.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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So yesterday morning, Theresa has her mini van start smoking when she tried to turn the AC on for the fan. (Her passenger window still wasn't fixed yet.) She knew that she has to pick up her boys this morning, so was stressed. I had her sleep some, then when we got up around noon, I had her focus first on what kind of car she wanted, then when we found what she wanted (the Mitsubishi was too expensive for what she needed with the boys, so she decided to test drive a PT Cruiser, cause I've raved about them for a while...) and then we went to her bank to talk financing. The dealerships will most likely find the best deal for them, not the buyer, so I used my own mistakes in the past to help her get off on the right foot.

While she was starting the paperwork there, I got us some Taco Bell. By 2 pm, we were headed to go test drive the blue PT Cruiser I found at Baxter.

We were hoping to do the cash for clunkers, and I admit, sleep dep made me forget that the cars had to be made between 1985 and 2001. Her van, with the huge dent on one side, and other problems, wasn't worth the 3500 we'd get as a clunker, so we were hoping to just do it that way.

Negotiations began. I started with a 14k offer, before trade. He went to verify, and came back saying that the vehicle wasn't eligible, but he could get 1200$ for trade in. He also had a price of 16890 for the offered sale price. We told him we needed more for the trade and were still wanting 14k before trade. He went back. Second time he came back, I got up to leave and she got ready to leave and he went back again. About 4 more negotiations later we got 15,500$ for the before trade, and 3200$ for the trade in. Done. Deal.

So even with the 5500$ she owed on the mini van, her new loan is going to be less than their original asking price.

I did good.

Where did I learn about the industry and how to negotiate? Well, while TJ and I had issues in the past, I learned a lot (some by making mistakes) from his family and him. Especially from Bob, his step dad. Speaking of which, my roomate met TJ's parents at a "brown bag party" so I might be able to call Bob soon to thank him.

(No, I wouldn't have been able to get this good of a deal from Bob, because you can't use knowledge and skills you got from a salesman ON that same salesman ;-) (That, and I likely wouldn't have gotten him up as high on the trade, because he knows my tells and would have fished more for problems with the car. He was a used car sales manager multiple times.)

Thanks TJ.

Yes, leaving not private so TJ can see this.
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My aunt just called me. My GrandDad, the man who was an example of what strength and will can do to protect others, passed a couple hours ago.
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Happy Mother's Day.

You have the hardest working job out there.
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Holy Crap. Not what I expected at all.

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Hey all,
You've likely heard of this new Swine flu. While it is a new combination, and likely not covered in the last flu shot, the symptoms and treatments are all the same. Don't buy into the quack treatments (more said because I saw one today where the seller was including conspiracy theories, about how AIDS and this new flu were created by the UN, the world ending in 2012 due to position in the galaxy, etc, and they were selling an electro-ozone-silver item to purify your blood. Not only creepy, but isn't likely to work.)

Just make sure you push fluids, rest, and stay calm in regards to getting sick, and you should be fine. Heck, even if you have a weak system and need to go to the doctor, Tamiflu has proven effective against this virus.

Love to my Peeps.

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Gmail now limits attachments to 25 meg...
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So I've seen a few people pop up, trying to defend the pirates who have been taking ships hostage, demanding huge ransoms, and who are now saying they're going to try to kill French and Americans in retaliation for our countries retaking ships.

Well, they're now going to have to add Yemem to the list. YEMEN! I didn't even know they had a Coast Guard.

Apparently, while they still are using the pollution excuse, they are now far out away from the waters they are claiming to defend. Also, you know how most of Somalia depends on the food aid sent by the UN? In the last week alone, they've attacked 3 ships that were either delivering food, or being sent to pick up more food and bring it back.

The below article talks about how most of Somalia relies on the food aid to live. And their "pirates" are taking the releif ships hostage. Yes, this means, in the name of greed, they're starving their own people.
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There is much one can contemplate and celebrate, no matter which religion you are.

Enjoy the chocolate and peeps, the fun of finding eggs, and the fellowship with friends.

Spring, the resurrection, the cycle beginning anew.
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The post I was going to reply to, where I found that you had banned me and removed me as a friend was one where you've been drinking too much of the "republican" koolaid again. You don't count me as a friend any more, so I don't have to worry about offending you again. I don't consider the current leadership of the party to be real Republicans, as they've tossed the core values out the window in the name of greed.

Your post was that you didn't think you should get help buying a house and have the debt from helping be handed to your kids. If you looked at the actual changes to tax law which are giving you that help, it is already paid for by balancing out other areas.

You see, the changes that are giving you the extra help is being balanced out by reducing the tax benefits for people on their investment properties. As someone who owns two houses, renting my old one out till I can sell it without taking a huge loss, I receive less benefit from owning that house. But even that isn't enough to fully balance the benefit you are getting.

My Dad, who pulled his money out of his 401k to invest in rental properties is having even more money for each one after the second owned property go to taxes. My Dad doesn't even have a dozen properties, but he's going to be paying more than enough for the benefit that you're getting, but likely two or three more.

My Dad, who is a die hard, traditional Republican, who raised me on the core values that have been part of the party since the time of Lincoln, not only didn't complain, but praised the move. Not only as a smart move for the country, but because the current administration is removing the tax loopholes for all those people who flipped houses. Those loop holes not only were a way for the rich to get richer without much difficulty, but caused the overinflation of the prices of houses and led to the current situation with the mortgages and banking systems collapsing.

The debt that might find its way to the next generation isn't caused by the money you're getting to help buy the house. Most of that debt is carryovers from the tax benefits given by the last administration. Benefits for the top couple of percent that created a lot more debt for the rest of us. Wars that didn't include diplomacy, but did include a lot of no bid contracts and wasteful spending, not to mention no holding the corrupt responsible for their actions. Pallets of cash, billions of dollars, literally walking away? That's just a small portion of what waste has happened.

You may not like it, or want to beleive, but Obama is holding to traditional Republican values more than any currently sitting Republican senator or congressman. The value closest to the heart of the traditional Core Values? Responsibility. Not this twisted view of "fiscal responsibility" which has been used as an excuse to give more tax breaks for the wealthy, more no bid contracts. Responsibility for all that one does and says.

Responsibility is the heart of everything he's doing. You can take that to heart and hopes that the trends he's starting, from appointing people to position to having contracts be reviewed to get rid of wasteful spending, or you can stick with Rush and those "Conservatives" who have flat out said they want him to fail.

Your choice.
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While I was surprised at how short Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was....

it was good.
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