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Mar. 31st, 2009 07:55 pm
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...Howard... The Duck!

*cackles madly*
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home sick. looked and sounded like hell, supervisor and person across from me pointed it out. roomate going to get thermometer as old one isn't findable. may not have made the move.
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Just a warning, now that I have a few different cammies from different areas who have their Yahoo Messenger spamming me with the same damn message about a weight loss pill.... If someone messages you with that, don't click the link.

And then get on the person's who's account was being used to run a virus program and change their password.

Mr. Hambly, Cous, Anna... you're three of the culprits.

For those who wonder, the message also always talks about "as seen on Oprah" which usually is a dead give away that its a fake product/get rich scheme/other scam.
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As some of you know, I had a tradition of spoiling strangers on this day of expectation and loneliness. I would walk around with small boxes of Godiva, finding people who looked like they should be spoiled, that were suffering the pain of being alone. I would gift them with a smile, and no expectation that they do anything in return.

Godiva is gone from Omaha. I have yet to find another provider of small packages of goodness to share in this manner.

For my friends, I let you know that I care about you year round, with talking to you when I can, randomly spoiling during days besides this (if I can.) Remember, all of you, that people do care about you.

Even on Single Awareness day, aka Valentines.
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if I've missed something, let me know. However I don't have much enthusiasm for checking email as it seems to be filled with ic and oc list wank.

I hope nothing important slipped and fell into that morass, but just checking.
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"A contiguous cluster of rural states -- Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Utah -- had the lowest unemployment rates in November, ranging from 3.2 percent to 3.7 percent. The Labor Department on Friday said the national jobless rate in December was 7.2 percent."

I feel bad for my friends in areas where finding jobs are hard, especially for the friends looking.

Ugh. However, the infrastructure part of the next administration's plan should help a lot. I'm glad that I was part of that, that some in office listened to my ideas last year.
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While I can hope that my talking to several Lucas employees during Star Wars Celebration IV and got them reminiscing about it... it doesn't matter because FINALLY!


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Thursday, the 13th, Rave Motion Pictures is opening. This is the new movie theatre at the westroads.

On the 13th, they are doing some charity thing where you pay a buck for movie ticket, buck for soda, and buck for popcorn, so 3 bucks get you a good day at the movies ;-)

They're going to have some of the summer blockbusters, as well as a few new flicks, so feel free to have fun!

(like my friend Jimmy, who will be seeing the Dark Knight for the 17th time in the theatres...)
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Many of my friends are at ICC right now, so I'm forward dating this a few days so people will have the chance to see teh awesome.

Some of you already read the postings done by Sassette. She is a friend of mine who helps us find the news and information we might otherwise miss. Seriously. When I learned that Palin used to, as marriage, fight to keep her city policy so that raped women had to PAY 1200$ for the rape kit, it was first seen on the Sassette News Network. She not only had her own special way to report it, but included sources showing it was in the news well before Palin was on the ticket.


Take a look! While you might not always like the news she brings, you will enjoy learning more of the news that we might have missed again.
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Hey all,
If you are in Omaha and haven't registered.. You can register at the Elections Office until next friday.

About a half hour in line, voting, etc. Well worth doing early if you can. One thing I loved? There was a newspaperish publication there with all the stats and questions asked to the candidates. VERY good for all the smaller offices you might not have known who was running.

If you need a ride to vote, let me know ;-)If I can't get you a ride, I'll try to help find you a ride.
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I'd rather it be something we laugh at.

I regularly listen to Crosswire, put together by Nash, and it is a parody that makes fun of BOTH sides.

While not work safe due to language, I hope you also enjoy, the latest...

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David Letterman makes some very good points here.

I'm going to have to start watching Letterman!
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I'm just sickened.

Thank you to Obake for passing this along, though she gave 5 separate links, from separate states that this was caught in...

The "Republicans" (I refuse to say that without the quotes because they sure don't act like the Party values) did this in the Bush elections in Ohio before. Now, they're going large scale.

Spread the word. Don't be fooled.
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You know, if I had a weak moment where I might have voted for McCain, there's not a chance of it now...

See, now he's attacking gamers.

Specifically, anyone who has played D&D. We're apparently not patriotic and anti-war.


I'm sorry, but I know a LOT of D&D players who went into the military. My best friend in high school went right into the Marines, and we played D&D for a decade before he joined up. Of course, McCain has already shown how he cares about Vets... voting to cut their benefits.

My Mom taught me how to play D&D, and she DID wear combat boots for the USAF with multiple commendations as a SSGT. She's dead now, but apparently doesn't matter as much military wise because she played a game that helps you sharpen your mental reflexes on problem solving and dealing with combat.

"It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman's memory of war from the comfort of mom's basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others."
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Cut so that people won't kill me, because while its something at the end of the movie, it won't ruin any plot or any part of the movie for you.

Read more... )

See, told you, end of movie, but wouldn't ruin it for you.
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After finding out I had someone on my LJ friends list by mistake, I decided it was time for a culling.

If I hadn't really talked to you in a year, and we were mutually listed as friends, I removed you. This was especially the case for those people hadn't posted in a couple years.

If we hadn't talked in a couple months, and I listed you as a friend without being listed back, then same deal.

Its not really personal, but I try to keep my friends list for people who are friends that I talk to. Some of those I cut were people who I enjoyed talking to, but we've drifted apart. I also noticed that there are some people who've friended me that I have no CLUE who you are...

Mind clueing me in? ;-)
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I was asked what I did to help.

I spent an hour on http://freerice.com/ to help the starving kids. I also made a point of not doing any extraneous driving. I reached out to thank some of our Troops. These parts were inspired by the post I copied and pasted.

I also made a point of calling my Dad (didn't reach him) and my Sister, to see how their lives were. My sister has about 6 weeks left before I am an Uncle again. My Dad is still trying to resolve issues with my step mom. This part of my day was because I cared.

Then the rest of my day was either working on my house, or trying to get my back to stop hurting.

Now I'm heading to bed, because I'll be working my normal 13 hour shifts the next three days.
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I considered it carefully. I thought about the rumors and the stories and the bitching.

And then I saw someone cross-posting mrmmarc 's reasons for not doing lj strike. And I decided those were the best reasons of all.

Somewhere, someone is abusing a child, because there aren't enough social workers to catch everything, and not enough good people willing to take foster children into their homes. Do something about it.

Somewhere a soldier is dying because you want to fill your oversized fucking car with gasoline. Do something about it.

Somewhere, children are being drugged and used as shock troups in border wars. You aren't even aware of this, and likely your elected officials aren't either. Do something about it.

Somewhere, an industry is still spewing carcinogens into the environment, and telling you they're good for you. Probably it's just fucking down the block. Do something about it.

Somewhere, a school feeds their children a daily diet of television advertising in order to be able to afford televisions and VCRs in the classrooms. Check the school down the block, ask if they have Channel One. Do something about it.

Somewhere, a company is shipping meet that's been in its freezer for TWO DECADES to feed people in the Carribean. People there are forced to buy it, because the IMF has made it impossible for local farmers to stay in business. Do something about it.

Somewhere there is an opportunity for you to effect a meaningful change in the world. And instead, you're sitting on your ass bitching about your blog.
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